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What kind of human would your pup be?

I think this may be fun!

If your dog was duplicated and the duplicate transformed into a human, what kind of human would your pup transform into? (I duplicated the dog so you could keep the original )

Looks wise Smokey would be like George Clooney or Pierce Brosnan in the Bond movies.

Personality wise Smokey would be extremely street smart. He'd be pushy and aggressive in terms of getting his way but in a subtle and confident manner. He'd be the only ethical investment banker known to mankind. Smokey would be a hopeless romantic but wouldn't smother anyone with overly affectionate gestures. He'd be very upfront and vibrant about his feelings;particularly, expressing anger easily but cooling off easily as well. He'd also be a witty comedian by throwing in vulgarity and calling people out on their blunders...he's a charmer for sure...

Zeeva looks wise would be like Gwen Stefani.

Personality wise she'd be attentive and gentle, with a good heart and a pure soul. But she'd be an all honest awkward dumb-dumb in terms of socializing with others or getting through life. She'd be a little on the lazy side and a procrastinator for sure but still, she'd get things that need to get done because she'd work best under pressure. She'd make a wonderful professor or researcher; definitely something related to academia and mentoring. She'd be a one-man kind of lover. She'd be a little needy and unsure of herself but with the right people in her life and a lot of encouragement she'd blossom like a flower to get through almost anything.

Play along?!? Who would your pup look like? What would your pup be in terms of a profession? Etc....

There's one thing I think we may all agree on? That our pups would make better humans than most of
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