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Question Would I make a good GSD owner?

I am currently researching a lot of breeds, and the GSD sounds like a great dog.

I live close to town, but surrounded with forests, 16 acres, 2 ponds, and 2 barns, so LOTS of exercise. I like to be active, ATM my knee has some problems, but that will be over soon and I will be able to run better. I would love to do agility work and lots of training, with cool tricks and stuff to make sure he/she gets lots of mental stimulation and does not become bored. I am home all day, meaning lots of play and fun times. I am quite worried about socialization, But as I said I do like close to town, so a little ride in the car to a dog park and a long walk around people would not be to hard. There are dogs on a road next to where I live, A sweet boxer a german pionter, a golden retriever and a little yapper thing I don't know the breed of. So he/she would have a potential friend to play with at times. Anyway, I would love to know the thoughts of GSD owners so that I can make the best of a dogs life. Thank you for reading! Bye for now.
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