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Not a GSD owner, but...

Hello everyone! My name is Kelsey and I own a 1.5 year old bully mutt he recently(4ish months ago) got diagnosed with HD and has started taking Ichon injections. I'm an active member on several dog forums but not a lot of people there no about ichon/adequan or much about HD in general. Sadly, I figured GSD people would know more about it, and I stumbled across this forum. After I saw the "show your hips" forum I knew I was in the right place and decided to sign up. I was re evaluating my dogs hip xrays the other day and noticed something I hadn't noticed before.
His specialist is pretty annoyed with the amount of questions I'v asked and told me I just need to bring him every 6 months for new xrays and blood work so since my dog has been to him 3 times in the last 4 months, I don't want to take him back in or call(I just need to find a new specialist that cares more :/) -holy run on sentence batman!
Anywho, I assume I should post his xrays and some more details in the proper sub forum and hopefully someone can give me their opinion.
Thanks for reading folks!
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