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Fate's first week home

So a week has gone by since we picked up Fate and she is doing really good. She was 10 weeks yesterday.

It's interesting, she doesn't seem to like the heat, like AT ALL. For anyone who is not familiar with Washington State, there is a West Side and an East Side split by the Cascade Mtns. The West, where we got Fate is cooler, wetter and had lots of trees. The East, where we live is more like a desert; dry and hot. In our recent heat wave we were up near 110 for a few days. It hasn't been that hot for the last week but between the mid 80's to mid 90's and I tell you what, between about 10am and 6pm Fate does NOT like going outside. If she is outside with us she will find a shady cool grassy patch and just lay down, no interest to play or explore, just rest. Then when we are back inside she likes to lay on the AC vent, it's her favorite napping spot. I assume she will come around and luckily its starting to cool down a bit and is really nice in the mornings and evenings. We will see how she does in the cold this winter ;-)

Another thing that we are getting checked out this morning is that she has been itching pretty much since day two home. I am literally feeding her the exact same food prepared the same way her breeder was. There is nothing visual like fleas or anything. The vet didn't see or say anything on her puppy wellness check the day after we brought her home, so I am wondering if she is having a reaction to new grasses, weeds and tress where we live. We will see what the vet has to say.

This girl crates like a dream (so far). We had a 4 hour drive home and she whined for about 4 minutes from the breeders and about 4 minutes at one stop when I opened the crate to give her some water. The other stop I said hi but didn't open the crate and she was fine. At home she does great. She is content hanging out in there if the need arises even is she is not sleeping. She will just watch what is going on or play with a toy. If she is wound up like she was last night, she whined and cried for about 5 minutes or so, then laid down and went to sleep. Last night was the first night for one potty break vs having two for the first week. I took her outside then crated her at 10pm, woke up at 2am to let her out and she did her business, then let her out at 5:30am before I went to work.

She is playful and is learning her boundaries with the kids and other animals pretty quickly. I think she likes to play with our cat the best. Our cat is kind of like a dog so it is funny. They play and enjoy it for the most part. The kids are learning quickly too that running from the puppy means its time to play and to get her to stop, just to stand up and turn away. That works pretty well so far. It seems like she has a natural bite inhibition. She goes pretty gentle mouthing at me and I thought maybe she just didn't bit that hard yet. Then she caught my hand when I was playing with her with a toy and she definitely bites the toys harder than she bites at my hand. So we are continuing to work on that.

We are going to start puppy Classes in October after she is done with all of her shots so I am pretty excited about that. Overall we have had a great first week!


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