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Does anyone else's dog have sores on only their hind legs???

I've been trying to figure out what this is. My german shepherd has been having sores and scabbing on her hind legs. It's where her heel is (back feet, bottom area) particularly where there is very little hair. There's hair missing there and she is ALWAYS licking that area. It is red and sore. It's not bleeding but it has been like this for a few weeks now.
I tried flea medication because I had a dog that was allergic to fleas but it didn't help. I changed her diet to a different brand (hypo allergenic, grain free) and it didn't help so I tried changing back to her normal blue buffalo wilderness. Been a month since I changed back and no change.

I washed her sheets and the padding that she rides in when I take her in my car also and gave her a bath.

I looked it up and have had a dog in the past with hot spot issues. It doesnt seem to be allergies or fleas or hygiene. It's ONLY on her hind legs and actually her crotch area is also red and swollen, missing hair. There's no missing hair anywhere else (tail, front legs, inner legs, back, etc.) and she doesn't scratch anywhere else. Only licking her legs.

For sure I thought it was because the car hammock was filthy because based on the location of her sores, it is coming from her sitting position (hind legs and crotch). Can't think of any other scenarios.

Any suggestions?
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