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Anal problems

My name is Alex and my my sweet boy is having a pretty serious problem.
It all started about 3 weeks ago and I noticed him starting to lick his bottom a lot. That happened for a couple of days and then it stopped. Well now this past week, he has had leakage, horrible smells coming from there, and he has licked and bitten so much he has hardly any hair around his tail area. The leakage started off as clear liquid and now it is a dark brown color. After every potty break we bring him into the bathroom and wipe his butt down really good because the leakage continues. When we wiped him this morning we started to notice blood. His bowel movements are completely solid. There are no worms or anything abnormal with his poop. He is eating fine. He is still acting like he does on a normal basis. I just notice he starts to feel bad once he starts licking himself. We are going to the vet Monday morning but I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem. Any advice or stories help.
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