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I am not sure...that's something I can tell my husband to tell his co-worker -- about placing a call to the breeder I mean.

OH **** YEAH

The first way I understood it was that this brat came in the house without being of course I went off on why wasn't the door locked...yada yada...then it came out that the daughter and wife were home and that the daughter let the girl the girl knows there is a dog in the house but apparently hasn't been taught how to act with them. The fact that this owner has seen this kid repeatedly teasing his dog...oh my butt would have been on them a loooooooong time ago BEFORE it got to this point.

I totally get it that the dog rushed her and pushed her down...I get it...but if there are NO bite marks...that I don't get. And they have 2 years to sue him? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? That's BULL!
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