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Flea Problem~ halp

Hi friends,
I got a 13 week old German Shepherd puppy and I think the poor lad got a flea or possibly more! So I realized that my pup has been itching frequently about a week ago. I assumed that he was itching because of other reasons but I saw a black spec crawl across his tummy. I immediately took action and went to the pet store to get some flea shampoo(employee recommended it), flea comb, Advantage spray for the house and some Advantage II.

A girl that worked at the store recommended we get a flea shampoo to bomb the sucker right away. She also recommended the *Sentry* brand shampoo and said it worked best. I have already done a fair bit of research with flea topical brands and a lot of people recommended Advantage II worked best. We gave him a bath with the flea shampoo and waited 2 days before applying the Advantage II. However, some of it got on his fur because he has a VERY thick coat and he was squirming around. I've been flea combing him every day but I haven't seen any eggs or fleas get pulled up, nor have I seen "flea dirt". I've been spraying my house with the Advantage Carpet and Upholstery Spray and followed the instructions and I've been vacuuming the house twice a day.

Today I just spotted another flea! I tried to grab the sucker but my dog ended up moving so it disappeared somewhere. I flea combed him and it's no where to be found. I've been digging through his fur but he's dark skinned and his coat is unbearably thick. How soon will the flea die from the topical?
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