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Aggression when first meeting? (Non GSD)

I have a 3 y.o male golden I've had since the day he was born, he was brought to puppy play groups, the dog park and raised with other dogs kids etc.. When he was about 1-1/12 he would start being a little more 'bossy' and rough at the dog park so we stopped going. He progsressivley got worse and when ever we pass a dog on a. Walk or he sees one out the window he barks, hackles go up and goes nuts. I've pet sitted two dogs latley and we introduce them througha. Fence with my goldens muzzle on and eventually he is great with them! He plays shows no dominance or agression. He only goes crazy when he first sees a dog or they are not properly introduced for an hour. He's a big 90 pound boy so he scares the other owners away :/ I dont know how to control his behavior on walks? I'd like to take him places and he loves peopel but I dread seeing other dogs on walks? How do I 'fix' his behavior? Sorry for the long post
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