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Importance schutzhund titles

I am researching on gsd breeders in India for my next gsd. I was happy to find a breeder with good success in Indian sieger shows in recent past. His German import dogs also come with very good schutzhund titled dogs in their pedigree.

I believed that this will increase the chance of getting show quality dog with good working ability.

However I am informed by the same breeder that unfortunately in Indian show circles schutzhund titles in the pedigree are not given any importance.

Moreover he told me that even after having schutzhund titled dogs in the pedigree there is only 50 percent chance of getting a dog with good working ability as a guard dog and that lot depends on training.

The breeder may or may not be 100 percent correct. But what I respect is that instead of bragging or advertising about his dogs' pedigree he chose to inform me what be knew (even risking disappointing a prospective customer)

However I really want to know is it really that much of a gamble even after having so many titled dogs in the pedigree? If so they why waste money after pedigree?

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