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More Problems

My vet though my dog had hip dysplasia because she was walking around slowly and was lethargic. We had to get xrays somewhere else though, and one of the vets suggested hypothyroidism instead. It turns out she has that. She's on medication that's working really well now. She's losing weight and her fur is growing back a little bit. She's still drinking a lot of water and her skin still looks really raw under her fur. I took her in yesterday. Her thyroid is where it should be now. She has a skin infection. She got antibiotics and prednisone. Then, when she was getting in the car, she seemed to trip and get flustered, so I lifted her back legs into the car. Then, she had trouble even holding herself up on her back legs when she went in the house today. She takes the two steps several times a day, and she never has trouble. Today, it was like her back legs were useless. The vet said it could be a nerve problem, and the prednisone would help that. Or it is hip dysplasia and we're back to looking at xrays and looking at options. I'm a bit overwhelmed with it all.
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