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Originally Posted by selzer View Post
It's kind of cute. Sounds like she is relocating herself and things to the living room where you will all be for the evening. I wonder if it works the other way, and you can teach her to "Get Ready For Bed." Where she takes her stuff back to her crate for the night.
Lol, Selzer! Yes, I find it adorable, just can't figure it out! Your theory makes sense, but... Funny thing is, the living room where her kennel is, is not where we hang out for the night (we have the tv downstairs in a different room, where it's cooler at night), and her favorite toys are down there too (the squeaky ones, which we don't leave in her kennel, because I read that they can be dangerous if pup is left unattended with them). So her safe "kennel toys" that she takes out, she rarely acknowledges them when we're home with her... just finds it necessary to remove them from the kennel... interesting!

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