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Why does my puppy clean out her kennel? :)

I'm just full of questions today...
My pup has developed this new habit... I'm not worried about it, just very curious about why she's doing it... So, we kennel our [almost-5-month-old] pup while we're at work every day (and we have a friend come over to let her out mid-day and have play time with her in the backyard)...
Anyway, the last few days, when I get home from work and let her out of her kennel... before she'll even go outside to potty, she runs back into her kennel, grabs a toy, drops it in the living room, goes back in the kennel for another toy, drops it in the living room, etc... until her kennel is completely empty. THEN she'll go outside to potty (and shower me with affection and biting, lol)... she even gets her little blanket out of there (after the toys)...
Any thoughts on this?
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