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Breast cancer or something else?

My senior GSD Shasta has had one of her nipples having this weird slightly yellow colored water like discharge for some time now, close to a year. It does not seem to bother her and there are no lumps or anything in the area. At first I didn't think anything of if but then read something about mastitis and took her to the vet immediately, this was sometime in May. The vet assured me that a spayed female cannot get mastitis and put her on a 10 day dose of antibiotics. After about the 8th day of antibiotics Shasta had a severe case of vestibular disease and I stopped giving her the antibiotics. She almost did not make it but has made a 100% recovery from the vestibular disease. The leaking nipple is still there though and I'm not quite sure what it is, it hasn't gotten any worse. I'm going to take her into the vet soon (my vet has been on maternity leave) but wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar problem with their GSD and what it might be? The vet had previously said it could be some minor infection or breast cancer
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