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Any other tips to offer on excited peeing?

OK so been doing some searches on the board, and I think I pretty much got my bases covered. I just wanted to kinda go over what it seems most of you recommend for my situation. In a nutshell, Lena just in the last couple of weeks has started this behavior of excited/submissive peeing. Some of it is my fault, I will take that responsibility. I have a really bad habit of coming home from work and sort of fueling this behavior. I'm kinda excited to see her too, so I am sure I am making the situation a little worse. But this seems to be what I can gather and any other tips are greatly appreciated:
1) Do not re-enforce the behavior. If I see her getting into her overly excited mode, ignore her until she calms. Then re-enforce the calm behavior.

2) Make sure all outsiders/strangers always do the same thing. No standing over, ignoring excited behavior, and petting chest and/or below

3) Add emphasis to activities that allow the dog to become more independent/confident. Examples being free walking, tug of war, etc

Anything else that you feel would assist me? I don't think she's an all around "soft" dog, as she is highly motivated and when we engage in play activities, she is extremely confident and more alpha in those situations...I welcome all opinions!
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