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Hi EJ,
Glad that you are changing!

None of the foods that you listed contain Human Grade Ingredients. They may have been USDA Inspected.....BUT......NOT USDA APPROVED!

The ONLY pet food on the USA market legally allowed to use the words HUMAN GRADE INGREDIENTS on their packaging and advertising is called The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Food. This food would most likely help with her yeast issues too. If you do not choose this food, choose one without grains in it as grains are carbs and grains turn into sugar.....feeding the yeast.

A 10# box of The Honest Kitchen Embark (non grain) costs about $90 and RE-Hydrates to approximately 35-40 pounds, but, you would be feeding more of this food. Embark - Grain Free, High Protein Dog Food | The Honest Kitchen
Where to Buy Honest Kitchen - Honest Kitchen Stores | The Honest Kitchen

2 other High Quality choices would be
Fromm's 4 star non grain: Four-Star Nutritionals for Dogs - Fromm Family Foods
Find a store that carries Fromm

Acana Prarie non grain (Ranch, Grass, Pacific):Wild Prairie | Acana
Store Locator | Acana

Always remember to do the switch slowly, taking about 2 weeks or more, by adding a little of the new food (about 1/8th cup) and reducing the old food so as not to upset your dogs gut.

BTW, the words "Natural", "Holistic" and other such words (that would make you think they are human grade foods) used in advertising are just words! ;+)

Good luck!

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