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Food Recommendations. Please help!

My female GSD is 2 years old. She will be 3 in February. She is currently eating a Purina food. I have been wanting to switch her food for a while now, and am unsure with what I should go with. We have tried Buffalo Blue in the past and this caused her to have diarrhea. I have been looking into an all Natural food or commercial but only human-grade ingredients. I was considering trying Simply Nourish, Ultra (Nutro), Nature's Recipe, or Innova. Does anyone use these brands or have any experience with them? ALSO I would like to know the recommended amount I should be feeding her. She typically eats twice a day, she is a late night muncher and tends to eat in the evening and later in the night. I know this is probably really bad, but I have never measured her food, I have always just filled her bowl about the same amount each day. By the way the main reason I am looking to change her current food is because I want her on something more healthy, and she has always had pretty sensitive (itchy) skin. She also has a history of yeast infections in one of her ears, this comes and goes very often and the vet recommended possibly switching her diet if it continued even after doing weekly cleanings. Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions or advice. Thank you =)
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