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VAGRANT behavior in 5 to 6 month gsd pup

I read an article stating 7 stages of development of a gsd from pup to adult dog. There it was stated that during five to six months gsd pups undergo hormonal changes, and can exhibit lack of desire to please, ignore commands which it has learned or try to establish dominance.

My Duke turned 5 month yesterday, and i have not seen any such changes in him until today.

My bungalow is close to the main road, usually Duke never goes to the road, and even if he goes near the road on call returns quickly. To day while playing in the afternoon he suddenly went to the road and kept walking away. He did not return on several recalls. He was nearly run over by a vehicle. The driver was careful.

Earlier I had no such problem. We had developed such good recall that i could trust him totally off leash. Now is it the symptom of adolescence changes taking place or is it just one accident better to ignore?

Has anyone observed temporary vagrant phase during 5 to six months in their gsd pups?

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