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Newbie to site and GSD

Today we picked up a 17 week old pup Stanley, he is absolutely stunning, such a lovely nature, our 2 1/2 year old French Bulldog Stella doesn't know what to make of him, she lost her companion four weeks ago, another Frenchie as he was killed and its like she has lost all of her bounce.Already, in less than 24 hours shes getting her spark back. We decided on a GSD instead of another Bulldog as my husband was raised with them and has always vowed to since we got married that he would love to have one as a part of our family. I am learning from scratch, read everything I could about them, already today I have discovered he has car sickness and he is not toilet trained plus he knows how to work out how to get his head in the sack of what I thought was sealed food lol... this is going to be fun, I was told to expect it and I say bring it on!!! I have fallen in love with him. I am glad I have stumbled across this site as I will be reading the forums with interest.Any advice you can give me would be a bonus, thank you and a pleasure to be here.
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