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Found some cool disc pictures! (some non-GSD)

I was browsing Flickr yesterday for "disc dog" tagged pictures and came across a friend and his dog... clicked on it and recognized myself in the album as well! Apparently this was a photographer at our event in New Castle, IN last month... Some AWESOME shots - I was so pleased to (randomly) find them and wanted to share!

PLEASE ignore my faces. I make them during disc, dock diving, agility... I can't help it apparently. :-/

IDDC_NewCastleSat2014web_193 by baddog988, on Flickr

IDDC_NewCastleSat2014web_007 by baddog988, on Flickr

IDDC_NewCastleSat2014web_189 by baddog988, on Flickr

IDDC_NewCastleSat2014web_190 by baddog988, on Flickr

IDDC_NewCastleSat2014web_009 by baddog988, on Flickr

IDDC_NewCastleSat2014web_186 by baddog988, on Flickr

IDDC_NewCastleSat2014web_185 by baddog988, on Flickr

And a few of my favorite dogs from the event... I would steal any of these dogs in a heartbeat. XD


IDDC_NewCastleSat2014web_024 by baddog988, on Flickr


IDDC_NewCastleSat2014web_092 by baddog988, on Flickr

And Roo!

IDDC_NewCastleSat2014web_078 by baddog988, on Flickr

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