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I need more ideas!! and how to teaching him to hold things and

OK so in the last few days I have been doing more OB with Titan than usual and realized I have become bored with it.. lol if I'm bored with it, I'm sure he is too.. It's the same stuff over and over again.. nothing new.. well one new thing, that I'm sure is getting old. lol.

Anyways.. I always see videos or pictures of people's dog's holding things in their mouth? Whether it's the "dumbell" for sport or just somethign fun, I think it would be fun to teach Titan but I have absolutely no idea where to start. He won't hold anything in his mouth for more than it takes to bring it to me. Tried to get him to hold one of his toys last night and he wouldn't take it from me. He just wanted me to throw it. If he does take it, he will take it and drop it immediately for me to throw..

Second.. anyone have any fun training activities for us that we can do at home? Currently we do all the basics, sit, down, stay, recall, heel, down mid heel, down mid recall, wait on the way to retrieve, eyes, go around, stand, up, touch, crawl, play dead, and I'm sure I am forgetting something. We do games too, "find it" is a big one. Inside and outside, day and night. "Which hand," is another. I just need more ideas for stuff/training for him... anyone care to share?

EDIT: I forgot to mention that our training sessions are usually toy reward, there is play mixed in too.


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