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I am with you there!!! I nearly ripped my co worker a new one because he was talking about rehoming his 11 year old lab who was having problems holding her pee.. he said he just couldn't handle it anymore but no one wants an old dog... it INFURIATED me!

I have also had a coworker, when I worked in Germany, tell me to just leave Titan at the house when I moved back to the states and he's sure someone would take him (I was having a hard time with flights for him and my PCS).. said that's what he did with his dogs when they became a chore.. OMG I could have killed him right there.

I do not get the mindset either because I couldn't even imagine doing something like that.. I couldn't imagine viewing Titan as a discardable item in my house.. blows my mind and infuriates me.


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