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How can they?

I don't know if this is the right forum but I just saw an article about a family that had a german shepherd who was 17 years old and they gave it up to a shelter and then another article of a family giving a gsd up that protected their family from a bear. What is the matter with people? What is their mindset? Is it that they think of their pets as pieces of furniture? They probably abandon their parents in a nursing home and forgot them too. There was a case here in town at the local Human Society where the wife made them give up their GSD and the kids begged to go visit him. The poor thing was all excited thinking he was going home and they left again. The dog died 2 weeks later. Even the people who lived across the street moved and just left their cat. A guy out at work told me about his wife rescuing a purebred dog that was laying inside a house after the family moved out but before they left they cut the babies out of her so they could sell them and left her there to die. His wife rescued the poor dog and still has her. This country needs much stiffer penalties for animal abuse. I'd like to take people who abandon animals or people that give them up because they've become to much of a bother out into the middle of no where and leave THEM.
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