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Wink I Must Be Doing Something Right...

You know your dog is at a good weight when the average Joe tells you your dog is too skinny.

A couple of weeks ago while walking Ilda in my parent's neighborhood I got my first she is "too skinny" comment. Since she has mild HD I do keep her lean, you can see the outline of her rib cage but no ribs are showing and she's a nicely muscled 75 pounds.

The irony is the man who made the unsolicited remark was very much overweight. I turned it around on him a bit by treating his comment as a compliment. I said "thank you, she is fit and lean, many dogs are too fat I agree."

Thus far these are the comments I've gotten: she's one of them 'too big showlines', or too small, and now too skinny.

Sometimes all you can do is laugh!!
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