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Frogs like cool, wet areas. They'll breed, lay eggs, the eggs will hatch and then you'll see a population explosion (doesn't take long for most species to mature). Those frogs are looking for a homestead and a mate(s). Allowing your fence line to grow because you are afraid of creating a massacre, is actually creating a perfect environment for them.

Here is the deal breaker for me - if you have an abundance of frogs, you are going to get snakes (and larger birds).

Some frogs or toads (in South Texas) are poisonous - it's on their skin, the dog doesn't even have to eat them, just lick or mouth them - and they can be affected. We have a common toad that will squirt (I assume urine) when the dog starts messing with them. If the dog gets the liquid in their mouth, they start to drool...badly.

Having said all of that - during the invasion of the frogs, which seems to come after every heavy rain in the summer, I wear rubber boots and long pants when I weed eat our fence line. I keep the grass in the back yard very short. It helps as the frogs are looking for cool wet places. Truly - I don't look when I mow. I walk the yard picking up any forgotten toys, and then I mow. I don't want to see it.

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