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Question Invasion of toads and frogs

It's getting really hard to stop the dogs from eating these creatures. I have about 4-5 different species of toads and frogs everywhere in my yard. What I thought were crickets are actually cricket frogs. There are toads of all sizes and this things are hopping around everywhere. It's now to the point that if I walk outside I fear that I will step on them and smoosh them. Cutting the grass is a nightmare because I don't want to mow them either. I have ceased edging around the fence line because they live there mostly. How do I make my yard less appealing for these creatures? I don't want to kill them, they are kinda cute I spend lots of time catching and releasing them to save them from the dogs. I think Midnite ate one last night and he threw up immediately. The movement gets the dogs attention. The bigger toads don't move and the dogs signal they found those. My oldest dog picks them up and carries them with her, lays down and expects them to stay put. She either paws them or puts them back between her paws and she will stay like that. Is there something that toads and frogs don't like that I can put down in the yard to deter them?

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