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Pack Reassignment I guess?

So lately Gunther flat out refuses to listen to me when I call him inside. It does not matter what he's doing, if he's fixated on something nothing works. Not treats, dinner, my old lassoing, dog whistle, praise, nothing. Period. If he's eating poop he will grab and munch while running from me. Tonight a police officer had someone pulled over right in front of my house and Gunther wouldn't listen at all. I was so worried that something would happen. But not really as they probably already recognized my voice and would have been cool when they knew it was me. But still. When Tim takes him out and then calls him in, he comes right away. I'm stuck. Tim said what he did differently was chase him through the entire yard enough times (through the bushes, trees, ticks, and fleas) that Gunther realizes he has to come when called. That's not near enough realistic for me as I'm the one who has to try to get him in in pitch black at night. I'm willing to try Tim's way up to a point, but please still need more suggestions. I guess I should probably go back to square one in training, but again not all that realistic. As I can't go out in the middle of the night with him on a leash and train with neighbors windows open. Nor can I do so throughout the day as I have stuff to do around the house and can't accurately judge when he actually HAS to go versus WANTS to go. With the EPI, I can't play guessing games.

Hail Gunther 7-2-2013

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