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GSD's Do not approve..

A few days ago I was walking ty down the road and we were behind a woman doing door to door things, she stopped and looked down at her phone and we continued on by but ty was weirdly staring at her and as the words " come on" were leaving my mouth her thru down a full on hackles up bark fest, it stopped the minute I said no and I did not think to much of it because we have crossed lotsa people since but tonight he pulled the same crap with a man sitting still on his lawn chair and with the hackles up also. This has happened now with 2 people not moving, why is this? Again tonight we passed many of people, even this man that walked behind us for a while. .he was very interested in him and turned around alot to look at the guy but no barks, when I came home we met the paper boy and zip nadda nothing, perfectly happy ty except for his weird episode with the unmoving lawn chair guy.
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