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Originally Posted by selzer View Post
I have a couple of 16 week old puppies. She doesn't look too far different. The vet did say that the one had her adult teeth coming in. The one has her ears going up and down.

One is small and thin at 25 pounds. The other is plumper with heavier bone at 32 pounds. How much does your pup weigh?
That's reassuring. She is about 29lbs. Thank you.

Originally Posted by Jax08 View Post
She looks fine.

You paid "a good amount" for her? And you don't have registration papers on her?
Thank you. It's good to get reassurance from multiple people that she is fine.

Yes, we did. We do have papers for her.. but those kinds of things can be forged. We got her from what is supposed to be a good breeder, but he hasn't been very helpful about this all so we want to get a DNA test to make sure the parents are who we were told they are to quell any doubts.
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