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Can I Please Get Some Ideas? :) Work Hours Crating Alternative?


In short, I need to make a change in my home. My Mother and 90 year old Grandmother live in my in-law suite. My Mother is retired, and essentially cares for my Grandmother.

It's become clear my Mother cannot control my four month old Pup, so I need to remove them from the daily while-we're-at-work caring equation. They love my Pup, but she's just too much for them.

So, what to do? I have two non-carpeted climate controlled sunrooms with ceiling fans I can work with, and a crate, of course.

I don't think I can keep her in a crate for 12 hours (I leave my home at 6:45am, and I'm not back until about 6:15p). However, if I just put her in a sunroom, she's going to potty anywhere, and likely eat her waste.

I could set up a divider with a doggy door cutting the sunroom in half, and place a bunch of training pads with that "attractant" stuff in one half (apparently there's stuff you spray to direct them to potty where you spray) but I've no idea if that would work, hence this thread.

The downstairs sunroom has a glass and screen door that leads out to a fenced in dog run about 25ft long and 5ft wide. I suppose I could convert the sliding door to a "regular" door with a doggy door, but I'd really rather not go this route as it seems it could be a security issue. Plus, someone could lure her out and steal her.

So that's kind of what I have to work with...

Any ideas?

Much, much, appreciated....
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