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Still feeling guilty....

A couple weeks ago I did something so out of the ordinary and just still feel bad about it. I left Robyn outside all night because I counted wrong when I let the dogs in for the night. I still can't believe I forgot her what's even sadder is I had a window open that a couple of the dogs don't ever go in and they were both looking out the window. I even took a picture because I thought oh how cute they look. I asked them what do you see out there, they were probably thinking our sister you dummy. When I was going to sleep I remember thinking it was odd she wasn't by me, but thought maybe she found a comfy spot. The next morning I woke up and did notice my alarm click wasn't around and I looked everywhere. I actually panicked. Then I opened the blinds to the patio and there she was laying down in front of the door looking at me like well it's about time. She never barked or made a single noise all night. It's pitch black out there so I can't imagine what she thought. To make matters worse when I found her outside I still didn't let her in because I broke down crying. All I kept thinking was how bad of an owner I was and then I freaked put because what if something happened out there and the police had to come in the yard and she ended up dead? That is how terrified I am of that happening. Finally I went out there with her and I just hugged her. She slept all day, I'm thinking she didn't sleep at all but stood guard in front of the door just watching. Well that isn't happening again, I count the dogs a couple times whenever I let them in because I never want to feel that way again....I feel a little better now that I wrote about it, I was so embarrassed that I haven't told anyone. It was a beautiful dry night and I'm sure it didn't traumatized her but it did a number on me.

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