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I need help with my girl i didnt know she was pregnant until pup this morning

I desperately need help and opinions, my 3 1/2 year old gsd has had a terrible couple months , we had found her outside one night with an obviously broken back leg , take her to the vets for operation they find out her other back leg is also fractured , 2 weeks later she had lost circulation in one and they had to amputate .

she has been home for 3 weeks and has lost most of her muscle in the other leg she has been hobbling around for weeks.

now the story of pregnancy

she must have been a couple weeks pregnant when she had her accident

the past week she has grown boobs , bled from the vulva and had milk wet her bedding , us and the vets on the phone were positive she was having a phantom pregnancy !

until this morning I let her out for toilet and she went in the garden , so I leave her and decide to check on her only to find a pup half way out !

I could see its fur and then at closer inspection it looked dead and I could see its face and feet.

I get my partner and freak out as we both weren't prepared for puppies and haven't seen a litter been born since we were kids

so I said he had to help get it out so he got a cloth and gently pulled it out , it still looked dead and lulu kept doing all the right stuff , we decided to leave her with it then go and bury it after she had spent a bit of time with it only to find it half eaten , worst thing to see!

ok now the bigger drama she hasn't done anything else but move to a different more comfortable spot and had some food

I have done a bit of reading online and now realise we should have left her to give birth and could have revived the pup

I have also given her some sweetened sour cream as they recommend calcium to start contractions

but I don't know what to do now I try to get her to walk around as I think it would help but with her leg missing and the other one with a pole and pins in it with no muscle tone its very hard for her,

please send me your opinions
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