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An "atypical" addisonian? Does she have a stress leukogram during all of this? (Stressful event set it off) Tick disease?
Does she normally donate blood? My 50-53 lb GSD donated that exact amount, ate a can of dog food, and then went on a 1 hour hike mid day in April in Georgia. No SQ fluids, nothing, and was totally normal. Just seems like "tired" isn't a word I thought of to describe her after all that. Wonder if that's actually when everything started.
What does abdominal tap show besides low glucose? Fluid analysis? Did they look at the heart? (Metastasized hemangio....coming from the heart?)
Clear jelly stool would be from the colon, like colitis, and intussusception doesn't explain the issue with the spleen...?
Sounds like you might have to bite the bullet and do some biopsies of spleen and intestines, many of the faculty at UGA thought that splenic aspirates were a waste because they always came back inconclusive.

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