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I'm worried I may be under feeding

Hello. I have a 9 week old GSD puppy. Since i brought her home from the breeder a week ago, she's been a little food vaccum. She eats so fast that I now use a large casserole dish as her food bowl so that she's forced to eat her kibble in smaller bites because it's so spread out. I feed her Orijen LBP food. She's 11lbs and the bag suggests 1 1/3 cups per day. The breeder said to give her between 1 1/2 and 2 cups per day. I've been giving her 1 1/2 to feed closer to the bag's recommendation. Also, the breeder said that underfeeding is better than overfeeding for bone growth.

She weighed 8lbs when I brought her home, so she's gained 3lbs in one week eating this way. But she's always felt really skinny to me. She's super fluffy, so i can't use her appearance as a guide. I have to feel her and i don't know what normal feels like. I can feel every rib with just a thin layer of skin and maybe a tiny amount of fat over it. I can feel every texture of her ribs, not just a general shape. I feel her hips. And her waist is tiny. When she's standing, I can put my fingers around her waist and if her belly wasn't in the way, my fingers could almost close around it.

She loves food but I have a feeling that's just her personality. She would eat the whole bag if I let her even if she was already full.

Overall she's a very happy puppy. When she's not sleeping, she's playing. When I'm eating, she'll ask for my food and I'll say no and that's it, she'll go back to playing with her toys, even if I'm eating while sitting on the floor next to her. She's not hounding me for food and only gets food excited if she hears her food container, not my food or other kitchen noises.

Her vet appointment isn't until a week from now, so I was hoping to get some advice here before then.

Thank you.
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