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I am terrified of lightning. My dogs are not. I had a couple of bitches at the vet once, and was on their porch during a storm, and every time I tried to get to my car another strike of lightning would send me scurrying back to the porch. The dogs, didn't think another thing of it.

Some dogs have weak nerves, and storms are one of the things weak-nerved dogs sometimes have problems with. I listened to an AKC Judge say how the first thing she looks at is temperament, but if it was like this, and she jestured to the storm outside, she would take that into consideration. Hmmmm, got some storm-sensitive dogs in your lines?

The dog is going to have a problem with it or not. Don't set them up to have a reaction. If they do, just ignore or try to keep low key about it. Or if you are like me, tremble on the porch. I guess the thing to do is to wait and see, cross that bridge when you come to it, if you do.

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