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Critique my GSD?:)

I posted this before, but I only got one reply, lol!
I would like if you can all help out, and critique my German shepherd dog.
She is two years and 6 months, Czech/DDR working lines(maybe some WGWL too.) I kind of fail at stacking her still but improved a lot(any stacking tips too?)
Based on her structure and appearance. I have noticed Dakota's tail is kind of short(does tail length even matter?) and her upper arms are kind of short.
She's my first GSD, I've trained her with some police handler trainers and breeders at her breeders house and myself the past few months. I'm 13, and hoping to be a dog breeder/trainer/handler when i'm older so I want to learn a lot throughout the years.

Please be honest, not rude! xD
imgur: the simple image sharer

don't forget to click 'second image, third, etc.'

(P.S Post stacking photos of your WL German shepherds I'd love to see)
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