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Puppy growling when eating

I have 2 GSDs, a 2yr old female and a 5mth old male. I have been feeding the older one first and trying to get the younger one to wait until she is finished and then he gets his. This in itself is hard to do because he is very food motivated and as soon as he sees food he goes wild, jumping barking, etc. We have been working on the sit, wait, OK eat.

Anyways after my girl eats and I give him his, if she even looks at him he will do a low growl while still munching away (at a mile a minute). I have just been removing my girl from the room until he finishes. I do periodically hand feed him. I can put my hand in his dish and he doesn't do anything.

Is this normal behaviour? Do I correct it and if so how. He doesn't growl at her when they get treats, just when he is at his dish. They drink out of each others water dishes and clean each others faces as soon as dinner time is over. Not sure how big of a deal I should be making out of this.

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