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18 month old female vs. my 10 month old male.

Athena is a petite female, weighing 56 lbs. and is 24 inches at her withers. She eats 3 cups a day of a blend of Blue Buffalo lamb and rice and Diamond naturals extreme athlete to try and beef her up a bit. She has not gained a pound. Her stools are great and I put her on a pro-biotic but still no weight gain.
Sinister on the other hand is a big boy who I have to take off the Diamond naturals blend because he has put on too much weight. Sinister is 80lbs+ and 27inches at the withers.
Both for the past month eat the same serving 3 cups a day yet Athena stay slender. Sinister has been dropped to two cups because his mid section has filled out and I want to keep him slender.
She is a lot more athletic than Sinister could that attribute to her small stature?
Here is some pics of my two fur babies. Should I supplement Athena with Satin balls or another high calorie treat?
Sinister (left) Athena LSC (right):

Athena (left) Sinister (right)


Athena from the side:

Athena- Long Coat GSD -CGC
Sinister Black- GSD
Nemesis- GSD
Titus- GSD
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