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yet another piece of worthless gear bought

I have almost exhausted the plethora of gear out there for walks. Yesterday I picked up a star mark training collar. ( plastic prong is what it is) ...yep worthless have to make a 30 minute trek back to the store to take it back.

trainer says I am too dependent on my leash ..which I totally agree. "I" am leash reactive. My problem is I have a dog with OCD or ADD or something (kidding) ..... she isn't in the LEAST treat motivated NOR toy motivated. If she sees something she thinks she needs to check out I could have a top sirloin steak in my hand and she would think "yeah so eat it and let me over here at what I need to look at" I'm back to the regular prong but wishing I could graduate up to a regular flat collar ( but when I try that she's choking herself ) at least the prong gets her to stop what she is doing and I don't hear her gagging.

The trainer can get her to do what she wants in class but when I take the leash back over it's like "oh yeah you are my mom...I don't have to listen to you" let's go back over here and try to play with this dog."

and I will admit I need to get over this "best friend" thing I have going on with her. It's like with the kids I was always preaching ...stop being your kids friend and be their parent first ....but when it comes to Roxy it's like I dont' follow my own advice and think I have to not scold her and be all " come on now let's go over here plllllllllllease"
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