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so embarrassed right now !!!

Ok guys so I was in class(gsd training) and our trainer used nikko as an example of the dog that is not listining ..It was embarrassing because I tried to get him to obey me to the watch me comand and he kept pulling away,sniffing the grass and wonder around he was so distracted barking at other gsd pups :/ .I was so upset with him because at home he is honestly 100% obidiant.its so easy to train him at home than in class . I do take him to dog parks to get social with other dogs.but he was 50% obidiant this time ..and it sucks because I was looking at the other guys train there gsd pupps like nothing ..

Do any of you have a technique to make him less distracted and more focused out there in the streets/parks?
I cant say if im asking for to much because I know he is smart but I just need him to stay focuse with me out of the house and ill have a great dog . He is 3 1/2 months old
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