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I have his book, although I didnt read through it entirely. I am an RN and someone who has a gluten "intolerance". I do believe there is something to it, although I also believe that everyone is an individual and everyone reacts to certain foods differently.
I also think that our country genetically toys with too much and has altered too many things, like wheat. Processed foods are a HUGE problem in this country.

My story is that I was having GI issues for about a year, slowly getting worse. I couldnt put my finger on anything specific, just knew I had issues. Heard about his book and what he mentioned and initially thought he was crazy because as mainstream would have you believe, anything "whole wheat" is good for you and cant be bad. Then watched a show about how wheat/gluten related issues have gone up about 400% or so in the past 50 years, and I figured I would cut it out for a few weeks and see what happened. Issues went away, and since then whenever I accidentally ate anything with wheat/gluten I have pain/cramping.
Overall, not everyone needs to cut out wheat/gluten, but EVERYONE SHOULD cut out processed foods as much as possible and eat cleaner. If you cant pronounce it, dont eat it.
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