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I don't think that was a fair test for the Mal at all. The owner had to know that someone was going to test them that day, hence he wasn't scared or suprised at all. When someone breaks into your house, you aren't going to be calm, tension is in there air, whether displayed or not there is some fear and your dog picks up on that.. not allowing for that kind of scenario doesn't allow for a true reaction. Not only that but the guy came in with a sleeve which the mal knew he should bite from "protection" training, especially being in the early stages. AND was focused on direction from his handler. Without the true fear factor and surprise of the intrusion, it's impossible to test a true reaction.

To be honest, IMO, the cane corso and GSD reacted as most well behaved dogs probably would. I was disappionted that the GSD owner said "I wished he would have been more aggressive." It's not your dog's job to protect your house from intrusion. It's a nice deterrant and a some may respond but that's not the reality and if they wanted that reaction they should have trained for it.

Not only that but the guy coming in to "test" isn't going to be exposing the same feelings as one that doesn't know the dog is there, or is trying to get past the dog. This guy came in, not scared at all, expecting him there, and the dogs also probably picked up on that vibe and reacted to the "non-threat". An intruder, who hears the dog but enters is still going ot be weary and nervous, especially because they likely wouldn't come with a sleeve to protect themselves or the knowledge of training dog behavior to begin with.


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