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I feed what works, which right now is California Natural Lamb and Rice. My oldest dog does best on a "simple" food. Too many foods, even good ones (heck even raw diets) have 2, 3, 4 different protein sources in one meal, plus other carbs, fillers, etc. My older dog needs a "limited ingredient diet", and because this particular kibble is safe for all ages (included puppies weaned to it), everyone in my house gets it and they all do great. I can't remember the last time I've had to consult a vet for a gut issue, other than my newest puppy who had worms (I could see them, so we dewormed him). I do feed my dogs table scraps, raw items, and other kibble samples on occasion, but I steer away from foods that have dozens of ingredients. I tried Fromm a few summer's back because it's a good company, but none of the dogs did real well. Everyone had bigger, smellier poops and two of my dogs got itchy. I switched back to my one carb one protein kibble and everyone was healthy again, small formed poop that isn't smelly, great coats. I wouldn't feed Royal Canin or Science Diet.
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