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vet recommended NOT to feed science diet

Took him to the vet today for some trash eating induced diarrhea. . The vet asked what I fed as main diet (in my mind I said "oh great here comes the science diet lecture") and I told him I fed orijen . His response started the same as you'd think except when he got to naming thr food he would recommend he said "royal canine" and said that he recommends staying away from science diet and also recommends purine one or any high end purine but suggested I stray away from orijen due to its massive protein content which he said could be what's causing his stomach issues ( he's been to the same vet now 2 times in the past 2 months for this). Just thought I would share this and get opinions. I have read, and I'm not sure of the sourcing on this, that royal canine is terrible?
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