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Tell me your pup's trying to "get away with it" habits!

So I was thinking about the dogs I have previously had and then to Titan on how they all have their go to "thing" when they want to get away with something.. or try to be cute when not listening.

Titan has two distinct ones that pop into mind. One is, when I tell him to go to bed, or to go lay down somewhere and he REALLY doesn't want to, he will always, always stop for a drink of water on the way and drink really really slowly while looking at me from the corner of his eye.. then slowly walk to his bed or mat and grumble or groan as he is laying down. I didn't catch on to this for a long time until one day he went over to the water bowl as after I told him to lay down and just stood over it because he wasn't thirsty but knew from past experiences that I wouldn't stop him from getting water.. I have since caught on and moved the water bowl out of the path to his bed and he still tries, LOL.

The other is when we are training usually and I am placing him after he didn't listen or trying to go inside and he doesn't want to. Usually it plays out like this.. command given.. he doesn't do it, so I say "no" and go to grab his collar to lead him to his placing or whatever and he full on throws his body to the ground sometimes rolls on his back with his tongue laying out and tail wagging. OR if he isn't coming inside (rarely doesn't listen to that) and I go out to get him, as soon as I touch his collar, same thing.. throws body to ground and makes it impossible for me to move him. I know it's not a scared or submissive thing.. he just has this look of "muahaha, now what!?" all inquisitive and playful-like.. cracks me up! Usually takes me to say "really, mvoe your butt mister!!" and he pops up.

I'd love to hear how your pups try to play cute or get out of doing things on occassion


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