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When it's just my GSD and I, I get one of 3 reactions.

1) People come right up to me, ask me what he is, ask if he's friendly and if they can pet him. They usually tell me how handsome he is and they giggle at his name.

2) They go out of their way to get as far away as possible.

3) They look at him, they might make a comment about how big he is, ask if he is a wolf or if he is a Lab but they keep on walking.

When I have my Dalmatian with us, my GSD is almost nonexistent. People squeal over the sight of my Dalmatian. They run right up to pet him, they comment on how beautiful he is, how soft and shiny his coat is, how sweet and calm he is and they tell me how they never see Dalmatians around or that he is the first that they have ever met. His tail is always wagging so he isn't intimidating.


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