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How do other people react when they meet your dog?

Just curious about how others react to your dogs when you are out and about.

The GSD fans are easy to pick out right away because they share stories about the shepherd they had or mention they have one now and which breeder did we use, etc. Most of these people tend to make the assumption that we went through a breeder and that they have heard of said breeder, and also that I've heard of the breeder where they got their dog (usually we are 3 for 3 on that).

Most dog people at large automatically make the assumption that we rescued our girl. I hear this all the time: "Oh, she's so pretty! Which rescue did you go through?" I always thank them and answer honestly that she is not a rescue, at which point the reactions range from the polite "oops, my mistake"-type response to varying levels of open judgment down to the lady who sniffed and made a face and backed away from the puppy she'd been ooh-ing over just a second before (this lady is my favorite).

Plenty of people are very surprised that a GSD puppy is so calm, collected, and friendly. My husband has heard more judgmental commentary on the angulation of the show lines than I have, but I've heard people express surprise that she doesn't look like a frog (their words).

Then there are the few who have a very real look of fear on their face when they see her, especially now that she's starting to be recognizable as a purebred shepherd (lots of people thought she was a mix when she was a little black fuzzball with floppy ears). I'm always sympathetic when I see that, because they can't control it and they also seem to recognize they can't control when they'll encounter a GSD in public. I admit I probably don't always notice fear because I'm pretty focused on her, but I keep her on a short leash and either move away or make her sit when I do see it.

How do people respond when they meet or see your dog out in public?
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