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Heidi has a lump, am I a terrible dog owner?

Heidi is 13 and doing well for her age I think, but somewhat in decline due to arthritis/HD. We are dealing with the rollercoaster of good day and bad days. I found a small lump on her chest, almost between her front legs a couple of weeks ago. It was about the size and consistency of a mosquito bite. Next day I couldn't find it, so forgot about it. Recently, I felt the lump again and it seemed a tiny bit larger to me. It does not seem to be bothering her in any way, does not seem to be painful, nor is it impairing her movement. I have decided not to call the vet. I figure taking her in would result in one of the following scenarios:

1. The vet would say it is nothing, just a fatty cyst and just keep an eye on it. Result: Heidi would go through the stress of going and I would be out about $50.
2. They would want to do a biopsy. Result: Heidi would be more stressed. I would be out about $100 (or more) and either:
a. it would turn out to be nothing, just keep an eye on it, or
b. cancer would be diagnosed and I would reject treatment

The thing is that I wouldn't embrace cancer treatment at Heidi's age, so I am thinking why go looking for trouble? I figure I will keep an eye on the lump and if it begins to be a problem to Heidi, we will take it from there. Does that make sense or does it sound like a terrible idea?
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