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Fence Aggression??

I think I am posting this in the correct forum. Wasn't sure if I should put it here or in the General Behavior one. Either way I am sure I will get some great advice.

We share a portion of our chain linked fence with our neighbours who have a 2yr old male dalmatian. They will just let their dog out into their backyard without supervision (most of the time). Anyways every time that dog comes out our 2yr old female GSD will immediate run at the fence barking and start running up and down the fence. Sometimes when we are outside all she does is concentrate on the fence almost like she is just waiting for him to come out. Once she gets into her state it is extremely hard to get her attention. When the dog comes out we try to grab her, but she just runs from us and back at the fence again, not once even looking at us. The other dog will also come at the fence and run back and forth with her. The entire time she is barking and at times it looks like she is trying nip at him through the fence when their noses are close to each other.

We have consulted with our trainer and was told to put her on her leash on her prong and correct her when she attempts this. We have done this over an extended period of time but it hasn't worked at all. And we can't just keep her on a leash all the time in the backyard where we play and exercise her. The other dog just comes out at random times so we never know. If we are lucky and hear them coming out, we immediate grab her and take her in. I am not sure if this is actually doing anything other then avoiding the issue.

Rylee doesn't typically get along with other dogs other than our male 5mths GSD. She will avoid other dogs on walks and basically just tolerates them when we are in obedience class. She has never bitten another dog or physically attacked another dog. She loves all people.

She does know the come command and will do this at any other time, except when the dog is out next door. She is never outside by herself.

Keep in mind the neighours have done nothing to try and correct their dog from running at the fence and basically blame us for their dogs behaviour.

Any tips/advice would be great.
Thanks and sorry the post got a bit long

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