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Thinking about switching to raw due to possible chicken allergy

So I think my 4 month old puppy might be allergic to chicken, since he has similar symptoms to my previous dog who was also allergic to chicken: frequent itching, spots on stomach, loose/runny stools...

When I got him about a week ago, the vet had him on Hills Science Diet, and I switched him to Blue Wilderness Puppy (chicken-based, grain-free) and his itching went down significantly, so I'm assuming he does better on grain-free. I'm planning on going on an elimination diet with kibble, provided that I can find chicken/grain-free kibble that isn't sky high in calcium. But if it's mind-numbingly expensive, I'd rather feed him raw, especially since I (fortunately) live in a town where I have easy access to locally-raised "natural" meats.

But with that all being said, the majority of raw diets seem to be predominantly made up of chicken meat. Has anyone experienced a "change" in allergies when they switched from chicken kibble to raw chicken, where the dog can eat raw chicken just fine with no allergic reaction? That would be awesome if so, since chicken is readily available and it would be significantly easier to follow raw food recommendations/menus. If that has happened before, I would rather start him off on feeding raw chicken for a bit and see if his allergies subside, before going into more exotic (read as "expensive") meats.

Thanks for any advice/help you can provide! I've never had to feed a dog raw before, or even really consider it, so I'm completely new to this and don't want to mess up my dog's digestive system more than it's probably already bothered with his original food.
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